Information for patients

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What should I bring to my appointment?

  • Please bring your medicare card & your private health insurance card if you have one.

  • Please bring a copy of your referral from your GP or Optometrist.

  • Your current glasses.

  • If you are attending for consideration of refractive surgery – please bring any pairs of glasses or glasses prescriptions you may have.

  • The names of any eye drops or eye medication that you are currently taking.

How long will I be at the clinic?

Dr Cronin highly values your time and minimising patient wait time is very important to him. That said, you will need to have vision and pressure checks, and may require multiple tests in the clinic. Expect to be at the clinic for 1-2 hours, or longer if you require dilating drops (nearly all new patients will be dilated). It is a good idea to not plan on driving home.

Will I get a report from my appointment?

Dr Cronin will routinely send a detailed report to your optometrist and general practitioner after the appointment. Please ask Dr Cronin if you would also like a copy.

If I am uninsured, can I still see Dr Cronin?

Dr Cronin is always happy to see uninsured patients. For your peace of mind, the Queensland Eye Institute clinic provides a full and open estimate of fees before any procedure. There are numerous treatment options for people without health insurance including outpatient surgery. Dr Cronin offers cataracts surgery for a total gap of $2250 per eye for uninsured patients. This includes your anaesthetist, theatre fees, lens and Dr Cronin’s fee.)

What is the best way to get to the Queensland Eye Institute?

Please see our transport and parking information here.

Where is Day Surgery Performed?

Dr Brendan Cronin performs day surgery at South Bank Day Surgery, Brisbane.

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