Laser Eye Surgery

Find freedom from your glasses with a touchless, bladeless, all laser procedure.

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Book in today for your Laser Eye Assessment with Dr Brendan Cronin.

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Dr Cronin performs advanced LASER eye surgery with a difference.

Enjoy freedom from glasses with the Alcon Contoura laser vision procedure.

Dr Cronin operates with the only excimer LASER in Queensland that is located in an accredited private hospital.

There is no corporate boss dictating sales targets.

  • No "Free consultations" (a $200 consultation fee applies)

  • No referral required

  • No Pressure

  • No payment plans

  • Just a balanced medical opinion on whether you are a good candidate for safe laser eye surgery.

Nervous? No problem. Have your surgery while you sleep. Our on-site anaesthetist can give you intravenous sedation for your procedure. This is the only facility in Queensland where you can have intravenous sedation with an anaesthetist.


The procedure costs 

  • Without sedation 

    • $2300 for one eye 

    • $4500 for both eyes 

  • With sedation 

    • $2800 for one eye

    • $5000 for both eyes

Laser eye surgery procedures performed for disease such as Recurrent Erosion Syndrome, Keratoconus, Corneal Scars and Irregular Astigmatism post corneal transplant may be covered by your health fund. for more information on laser eye surgery see the QEI Laser website.


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